• Dear Roger,

    The pen and ink drawing of St. Hilary Church arrived safely and my wife was delighted with her first anniversary present – a perfect gift for the Paper Anniversary!

    Thank you, we’re thrilled.
    Mr Wigg, Berkhamsted
  • Dear Mr. Harvey,

    Thank you so much for the bundle of your greetings cards. They arrived safely and very timely and everyone has commented on how beautiful they are. We’ve used ‘Happiness is a piece of cake’ and ‘Happiness is giving rings’ for all our friends’ weddings this summer and they’ve all said how unique they are.

    Thank you.
    Mrs K. Barnes, Liverpool
  • Roger,

    I’m delighted with my oil painting of the ‘Norfolk Wherry’ it really captures the atmospheric setting and fits perfectly above the fireplace. Thank you once again.
    Mr Rodgers, Suffolk
  • Thank you for the beautiful portrait of Harry you did for us. It exceeded our expectations and everyone has said what an incredible painting it is and what a great likeness. We will treasure it always.
    Mr & Mrs Ashworth, Surrey
  • Dear Roger,

    Thank you for the wonderful pen & ink drawing of St. Bartholomew’s, Leigh. It will make a great reminder of the wonderful day we had on our son’s Christening.
    Mrs Hinton, Redhill
  • Thank you Roger for the print of St. Michael’s Mount which arrived yesterday beautifully packaged. It’s already hanging in the dining room and every time I look at it, it reminds me of those wonderful summers spent in Cornwall as a child.
    Mrs C. Randall, Princes Risborough
  • Mr Harvey,

    Thank you for the cards that arrived yesterday. I am thrilled with them – just the type of thing I was looking for, beautifully produced greetings cards that are so different from anything you can find in the shops. I will be buying more!
    Miss McGroary, Omagh, Co. Tyrone
  • Dear Roger,

    I can't explain just how much joy and happiness looking at the painting of an english Blue Bell wood, has given me, every day I walk in that wood.

    Thank you Roger your a lovely special man.
    Angie Blinston, Suffolk
  • You are a truly talented artist who has the ability to capture someone's character in a beautiful portrait. I shall treasure this for the rest of my days. Thank you. It hangs with pride.
    EJ, Germany
  • Roger Harvey - Artist & Photographer

    I am delighted to have been asked to take a series of photographs of Roger to illustrate his work as an artist and photographer.

    I have known Roger for over 20 years and have always admired his professionalism, care and concern in his work and all that he does in other areas of his interesting life.

    He is extremely well versed in the history of both art and photography and the fusion of techniques in both disciplines. His research and understanding of light, colour, shape and form is a huge asset for furtherance of his knowledge and ability, incorporating all techniques, whether proven or experimental.

    He is well respected by his peers, colleagues, customers and friends. As an excellent communicator, he loves to be with people, especially his family and many friends throughout the world. He is kind, concerned, honest, and reliable and probably the best friend and colleague you could ever hope to have.

    On many occasions, we have exchanged ideas and knowledge to assist the differing assignments in which we are involved. There are no holds barred and there is always a generous flow of information, ideas and advice forthcoming.

    He was formerly an artist with an international reputation for painting the world’s leading sporting personalities, who moved onto and enjoyed a successful status as a photographer and now has returned to art, in his retirement from photography. His attention to detail, use of excellent techniques and the highest quality materials are all a recipe for success.

    Of the many people I know, I am honoured and proud to have him as a friend.

    Paul Deaville
  • Dear Roger

    Our daughter Elizabeth who is twelve has always captured our love and appreciation for her timeless beauty, these innocent years we wanted to capture forever.

    Back in October 2012, we asked you to paint a portrait of our daughter as a Christmas present. We thank you so much for capturing her serenity and innocence; the likeness is truly stunning and we hope it will be in our family forever.

    Please feel free to use this as a testimonial for your website so that others can truly admire your artistry.

    Richard, Emily and Elizabeth